Saving Lives, One Hedgehog at a Time

Lucky Hedgehog Rescue CIC

Join us in our mission to provide care and sanctuary for injured and orphaned hedgehogs, ensuring they have a chance to thrive in the wild once more.

Our Mission at Lucky Hedgehog Rescue

At Lucky Hedgehog Rescue, our primary goal is to rescue hedgehogs in need, provide them with the necessary medical treatment, and rehabilitate them until they are ready to be released back into their natural habitat. We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being and survival of these charming creatures through our comprehensive care programs.

We believe that every hedgehog deserves a second chance at life. Our team of experienced volunteers work tirelessly to rescue hedgehogs from dangerous situations, treat their injuries, and prepare them for a safe return to the wild. Through our community outreach, we also strive to raise awareness about the importance of hedgehog conservation.

Our Services


Providing essential medical care for injured and sick hedgehogs, including surgeries, medication, and their ongoing health monitoring.


Offering a safe and nurturing environment for hedgehogs to recover and regain their strength before being released back into the wild.

Meet Our Hedgehogs

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What People Are Saying

This lovely lady returned my late call at gone midnight last night, even though I am very much out of her area. I had called all 24hr rescues I could google and she was the only one where I could talk to someone!! I just needed advice but I really needed it before sleep. Pleased to say little baby hog all sorted this morning and hopefully a happy outcome to be had. I am so very grateful to the support I received x

Nita Law

This lovely rescue centre took in an underweight and injured hoglet I came across, despite it being nearly 10pm. Caring, compassionate, and so lovely to see the hogs recover and be rehabilitated.

Kirsti Edwards

Yesterday our animal centre manager visited Lucky Hedgehog Rescue CIC, East Yorkshire, to see the fabulous work they do and to meet some of their current residents. On this occasion it was feeding time and we were able to hold the hoglet. If you find an injured Hedgehog and need advice, give them a call on 01964 529 313 or 07507791665.

RSPCA Hull & East Riding Branch

Make a Difference

Your support can help us rescue, treat, and release more hedgehogs in need. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or both, your contribution is invaluable.